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SIP Trunking

Make phone calls easily and affordably

Want to work more cost-effectively? It might be worth taking a closer look at your telephony infrastructure. Our suggestion: switch to SIP Trunking. Our solutions lets you merge your entire telecommunications system into one combined IP network. In doing so, you could save up to 50% of your monthly costs without compromising on your usual telephony service features or voice quality. To ensure your switchover to 1N SIP goes smoothly, our SIP experts are on hand and make sure that the set-up doesn’t get in the way of your business.

Our strengths,
your benefits


Fewer costs

You save money just by concentrating on your own IP network. And it doesn’t stop there: there are many more areas for potential savings, including free internal calls and the merging of voice and data infrastructures.

Easy to manage

Our network makes life easier when it comes to network management. We take care of the complete management, providing you with a central contact person for all queries.

Security and service

Create a telephony network for your company that meets your requirements for compliance, disaster recovery and security. Rely on 1N SIP Trunking with SRTP and TLS encryption, performance reporting and PSTN functionality.

Network coverage and selection

Take advantage of our consistent service and support package. Thanks to 1N’s own MPLS and Ethernet networks, you can choose the QoS level in line with your needs. We also offer stress-free migration and porting sequences, PSTN compatibility, emergency call routing and number transfer.

Highly compatible

1N SIP Trunking is compatible with all important UC platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Cisco WebEx Calling and can be seamlessly integrated. Using direct 1N peering with Microsoft, we are able to provide SIP Trunking for your Microsoft Teams service (Teams Direct Routing). Your benefits: high connectivity and minimal transmission times between the 1N network and Microsoft Office 365.

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