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High call quality, easy contact

Even in today’s age of digitalization with its many possibilities for communicating with customers, partners and suppliers, person-to-person phone calls remain very important. The quality must be up to scratch. It’s also important to enable lots of different methods of contact. Our IN services ensure both. With 1N IVR services and 1N’s contact center, you can set up a modern, needs-based contact solution quickly and cost-effectively. Our industry specialists are always on hand to help and support you in setting up your new contact centers.

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High scalability

Thanks to our flexible packages and monthly fees, our services keep up with your growth (pay as you grow). You can expand capacity without a problem in peak times or in emergencies. And you won’t be charged for any capacities you don’t use.

High transparency

Real-time and aggregate statistics with interactive connection data are available for every interaction with the call center, making IVR reporting a breeze.

Increased flexibility

Our solution helps you to increase efficiency in your customer support: for example, you can forward calls in a queue on the network side to assign them to locations and/or employees depending on capacity and skillset as part of a more targeted approach.

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