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The 1N plans for all under-28s

Love to browse online but don’t have a huge budget as an apprentice, student or someone just starting out in their career? Then we have just the package for you: the 1N plan for all under-28s. This package offers you the full bandwidth of our DSL range at a small price.

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The possibilities of the internet are endless. The best plan for you depends on how intensively you would like to use the internet, both now and in the future. Simply choose for yourself.

DSL Young 16 – for casual users, singles and couples

The ideal connection for:

  • regularly browsing online
  • writing emails
  • online banking
  • watching the occasional video

Speeds and price


up to 16 MBit/s


up to 2.4 MBit/s

DSL Young 50 – for shared apartments and binge-watchers

The ideal connection for:

  • streaming series
  • watching catch-up TV
  • using the internet on several devices at once

Speeds and price


up to 50 MBit/s


up to 10 MBit/s

DSL Young 100 – for those who like to upload videos and media

The ideal connection for:

  • regularly loading large quantities of data in a short space of time
  • uploading your own videos and other content to the internet
  • storing data in the cloud

Speeds and price


up to 100 MBit/s


up to 40 MBit/s

DSL Young 250 – for the constantly online and intensive users

The ideal connection for:

  • “living” online: always online, all data in the cloud
  • regularly downloading and uploading large quantities of data in a short space of time
  • downloading lots of movies to watch offline
  • using the internet intensively on several devices at once

Speeds and price


up to 250 MBit/s


up to 40 MBit/s

The 1N online plan check:
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Don’t feel like spending hours deliberating over which 1N plan is right for you? Use the 1N plan check and find the best plan for you and your lifestyle in just five clicks:

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How old are you?

How many people will be using the DSL connection on a regular basis?

How often do you stream series or other programs?

How often do you upload videos or store data in the cloud?

How intensively do you use the internet?

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Connect your router using our helpful short guide and get online. Enjoy!

FAQs about our DSL plans:

What is DSL?

DSL stands for digital subscriber line. It is a transmission standard that is used to quickly transmit data. A DSL plan and corresponding connection can be used to achieve high data transfer rates (bandwidth).

How long does it take to activate my DSL?

Setting up a DSL connection takes about 14 working days. If you are switching to 1N from another provider, you do not cancel your existing contract yourself.

What does Mbit/s mean?

Mbit/s is a unit that is used to measure the speed of an internet connection. It shows how many units of data are processed every second. The smallest unit of data is the bit. 100 bits per second is shown as 100 bit/s. However, much higher speeds are possible in today’s age and so now we talk about kilobits (1 Kbit = 1,000 bits) and megabits (1 Mbit = 1,000,000 bits). The difference between bits and bytes is also important in practice. Most hard drives sizes and data quantities are given in megabytes or gigabytes. One byte is made up of eight bits. That means, if you want to download a 20-megabyte (MB) file in one second, you need a download speed of at least 160 Mbit/s.

What routers work with 1N DSL?

1N DSL is compatible with all common DSL routers (e.g. FRITZ!Box 7530, FRITZ!Box 7590).


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Our powerful network and tailored packages make getting online and making phone calls a breeze. If you do have any questions, however, our expert team is always on hand to provide answers and solve any problems you may have—over the phone or via a live chat on our website. Need more convincing?

  • 1N is one of the top 10 largest telecommunications companies in Germany
  • More than 100,000 private customers already rely on our excellent service


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  • We aim to ensure you get through to a 1N employee within one minute
  • We resolve 75% of all service requests immediately during the phone call
  • Our Net Promoter Score of 9 speaks for itself: our customers are impressed by our service and would recommend us
  • We are quick to fix any faults, on average it takes us less than eight hours

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