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reliable, secure and scalable

For all requirements

Cost-effectiveness or reliability? Security or scalability? When it comes to your global business’ network requirements, you shouldn’t have to choose. With 1N and our flexible high-performance layer-2 and layer-3 network services, you’re perfectly equipped in every respect.

Our strengths, your benefits

Failure safety and reliability

The 1N network is based on various, redundant fiber-optic pathways between all of our PoP locations. MPLS Traffic Engineering offers the most direct pathway with the lowest possible latency, giving end users the best experience by redirecting data traffic as needed.

Guaranteed performance

We ensure the highest quality of service with strict, consistent service-level agreements (SLAs). Our capacity planning team monitors our core network and proactively scales capacity so that we can flexibly respond to the changing bandwidth demand of our customers.

Flexible bandwidth options

Choose from a wide range of bandwidths to find the solution that best suits your needs—from flat rates to burstable ports suitable for periods of peak use. We also offer a plan for Aggregate Committed Data Rates (ACDR) that lets users share bandwidth across different ports. This means you only pay for the capacity that you actually use.

Real-time reports

Use our customer portal to view everything in real time: network performance, key figures and order status.

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