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We offer the right connection for you as your high-performance internet partner—regardless of how big your company premises are and how many employees use the online services. Easy, efficient, secure and with a guaranteed bandwidth—that’s what it all comes down to.

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Garantierte Leistung

Your 1N network guarantees data speeds of 100 Gbit/s at all times. Various redundant pathways between 20 PoPs ensure that your business-critical data is transferred at maximum speed for performance that you can always rely on.

Firmenkunden: Leistung Internet

Full IPv6 support

Trust in 1N as the leading provider of IPv6 network functions. Our 100% native dual stack network (IPv4 and IPv6) is based on a first-class routing and fiber-optic infrastructure. That means IPv6 performance with line speed at each PoP. Existing IPv4 services are just as reliably supported as IPv6 services, and if you are an existing customer, this is all at no additional cost.

Flexible bandwidth options

Choose from a wide range of bandwidths to find the solution that best suits your needs—from flat rates to burstable ports suitable for periods of peak use. We also offer a plan for Aggregate Committed Data Rates (ACDR) which lets users share bandwidth across different ports, meaning you only pay for the capacity you actually use.

Real-time reports

Use our customer portal to view everything in real time: network performance, key figures and order status.

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